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I am fortunate I had about 20 years in the printing industry and grew from the original typesetting equipment to the current computer systems. I began using PageMaker in the mid-80s and have upgraded each version as it was released. Others I know use Corel Draw even MS Word and many others but I’ve always been more comfortable with PageMaker.

In making the cover for the CD pagage (remember I use DVD cases because they appear to have more value because of the size of the package) I insert .jpgs and insert them into the file, create a color or gradient of a color background. I put the title of the program, my name and make a spine title. I always put my picture on the back cover with a short version of my bio, typically a testimonial and a short description of the program. I always include the appropriate website and contact information on the back of the jacket cover.

I create the CD label matching the cover of the jacket cover. When it’s a single CD I will generate a bullet point list of what they will learn while listening to the program.

I becomes a very neat package and looks very professional.

Again, the 2 CD set costs about 90 cents to produce and once the design is done, it is as simple as printing any document.

The Art of Making CD’s

I fought against learning how to create my own CD’s. I hired a college student to convert my DVDs into CD’s because I didn’t want to learn how to do it because it seemed to difficult and time consuming.

Then one day, I had to edit a program I had done to provide a 5 minute promo piece for a new speaking engagement I was up for. I called a friend, Jerry, who has a studio in his home and asked what he recommended for me to use. He told me about Audacity, which is free and is used to edit and convert files from one format to another. Another friend who had been doing his own CD’s for several years recommended Sony Studio. So I got both and began to try and figure it out.

Sony Studio is easy to learn. I was listening to one of my first attempts in my car but after I got out to run into a store and came back, the CD began playing at the beginning. I called Jerry again and he said I needed to insert Tracks (like where one song starts on a music CD) into the audio to make sure it would’t do that.

I have an artist I’m particularly fond of, Patrick O’Hearn and I decided I’d email him in Ireland and ask permission to use one of his tracks for the intro and exit music on my CD’s. Surprisingly, he gave me permission. So I insert about 15 seconds at the beginning and at the end of each of my audios. It gives it a more finished quality.