The Joy of Speaking

I could never have imagined in 1992 when I first started speaking I would eventually come to love the process of speaking as much as I do. I look for every opportunity I can find to be in front of an audience.

There is a simplistic joy in having my words inspire or motivate someone. It is a true pleasure to find someone has been inspired by something I might have said. There is a an amazing energy that takes over when you are talking from a remote place within you and the words flow so automatically and purposely you are overjoyed hearing your own presentation.

I often have wondered what makes one presentation different from another? I question why some audiences are easier to draw out and get responses from. I search for the common denominator in creating a great presentation.

But I have never discovered what it might be.

I go to hear professional speakers as often as I can and I study their delivery techniques, their timing, their stance, the audience engagement, their humor and their patterns.

But I have never discovered what makes a good speaker special.

What I did discover is that no matter the size of the audience, which topic I speak on, what the make of the audience might be or how I’m feeling on that particular day, it all simply boils down to the sheer joy of speaking.

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