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Norway, Here We Come!

Well, this is a major stretch of my imagination, or would have been as little as a year ago!

I met Inge in Los Angeles in November and she told me she wants to start speaking in the U.S. The problem was, her book is in Gaelic. She she found a translator in Boston who is now working on converting her book to English.

We’ve been work on my author program, and we started talking about creating an author program in Oslo! Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Imagine the pristine scenery of Norway . . . it looks so beautiful and I can’t imagine being fortunate enough to land a great speaking gig here.

This will truly be an adventure that will go into the memory banks.

We’ll start of by training ten to twelve coaches to help those who take the author two-day training which will include setting up their blogs, learning how to market their books to ensure they will create a six-figure income while only working less than a ten hour week.

They will be able to complete the 45 lessons during the 16 hours of class time and feel confident they will be able to launch their books within a 4 to 6 week period.

Imagine again, two days and the ability to change two hundred people’s lives in a manner so impactful, they will never have to have another job!


We’ll barely be able to catch our breath from the four weeks in Australia when we end up landing in London to produce our author program for our friends there who have always wanted to become successful authors.

I haven’t been to England since 1980 and I’m not sure how much I remember other than the amazing train ride into London from Heathrow. I was so captivated by the wealth of historic sites throughout London.

I got to experience a little of the night life, theatre and the amazing restaurants around Piccadilly Circus. Our room was right in the center of Piccadilly and was so small we had to turn sideways to get into the bed. There wasn’t even a dresser in the room, but at least we had our own wash closet!

We also managed very quick strohl through Cambridge University. Is it possible to have more historic value than at Cambridge? It screams with the history and the enthusiasm of those who have walked through it’s hallowed halls!

But to be a featured speaker in London will be the culmination of years of work, focus and preparation.

I will be working with David Bass who is a major success in the Internet Marketing world. He’s worked with several of the most successful speakers in the U.S. and this will be his first International exposure.

I’ve asked him to speak to the authors about their Internet Marketing needs as well.

We look forward to taking London by storm and leaving a wake of future best sellers in our wake!