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Your Press Kit

If you haven’t received testimonials yet, do a presentation for small groups of business associates. When you’re done, ask for each person to give you a two minute testimonial. Record it on a digital recorder or a Flip type camera. It is extremely easy to transfer these files to your website and they raise the rankings of the site drastically. If you have to, write the testimonial for them and ask them to put it on their letterhead or to read it for you.

When I do speaking engagements, I leave feedback forms on the chairs for the attendees to fill out. Quite often the information on the forms can also be used for a testimonial.

Worse case scenario, ask your friends to do testimonials. As long as they have a business, they will be a valuable testimonial until you’re able to replace them with testimonials from speaking engagements.

Now you’ll need to send your “Press Kit” page to those who might book you as a speaker. I’ve found that there is very little response if I send it without calling the person and having an engaging conversation with them. It’s not good enough to call and leave a message.

You’ll also want to make sure you have a video compilation of several speaking engagements on your home page. Make sure it’s no longer than five minutes.

Your Press Kit

Your press kit will rarely be in printed form these days. I have put my entire press it on my speaking website. When you have multiple topics, which you should have a minimum of three and you’ll want to create a page on your speaking site labeled “Keynotes”. List your topics and describe what the subject will reveal to your audience.

The colors on your website should also coincide with your topic. Green is often thought to be in infer money; gold with success, blue with authority and so on.

The collateral material you’ll want to include in the Press Kit section will be a letter introducing yourself as a speaker and your area of expertise. Your One Sheet will include your picture, titles of your keynotes with short descriptions, your contact information, a brief introduction and at least one testimonial.

If you have articles reviewing your previous speaking engagements, copies of newsletters that have included you as a speaker or copies of press coverage, be sure to include them.

If you have a book, even an ebook, be sure to include a sample of the cover and a five minute sampling of your presentations. I also include audio and video testimonials which will add credibility to the website and my ability as a speaker.