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I believe in giving more content than an audience can process. First, the challenge is we know only 3% any presentation is content and the balance is body language and your ability to engage your audience. So be sure to make the content pertinent and impactful. Always start your presentation with a bang!

When you use statistics, be sure they are accurate. Sometimes, statistics change, so be sure to verify them regularly. Never ever overstate your expertise or your experience. Remember people will be more likely to like you for who you truly are.

If you’re not sure of an answer when asked a question, you can choose one of two responses. First, you can say you don’t know or second you can ask if you can get back to them. But never bluff your way through an answer you’re not sure of. Your audience will always know.

Remember to keep your audience responding with laughter or a thought by provoking thought at least once or twice every minute. If you have a specific expertise, be sure to talk about it if it supports your presentation and always end with a meaningful upbeat note.

Quality Introduction

I write my introduction in 24 point Times Roman so the person introducing me can read it verbatim. There are times when they choose not to, but I try to get them to agree to use what I prepare. I’ve been on Oprah. It is a big deal. I want the audience to know that I have credibility. I am an author of seven books. It is an indication of my professionalism.

Try to keep your introduction to sixty to ninety seconds. Include your accomplishments and be sure it’s interesting and a little intriguing. The major point of the introduction is to establish your credibility. I usually send a copy of my introduction to the event planner and I always carry extra copies with me, just in case.