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One Stop Shop

Give me an audience and I will find a topic for them! I truly believe that, but it wasn’t always the case!

I was introduced to Christie Dutcher through Patience Awazi who had been a member of my Elite Leads Business Development group in San Jose about four or five years ago.

Christie heads up the Yuba City One Stop Shop, a government agency which provides resources for entrepreneurs. She attended the event I provided for Patience last month and asked if I would be interested in creating a presentation for her business owners.

Of course I had to say yes. It is about a 4 hour drive from where I live and it meant staying overnight so we could be there by 8 am. That’s always been a challenge for me, speaking early in the morning, but I always manage to get through it.

This was a great opportunity because Christie gave me 3 hours to do the presentation. I was able to deliver a lot of content. It is one of my beliefs, give them as much content as possible, since I never know what will appeal to who or why.

I was able to cover the 7 Techniques for Thriving in Any Economy very thoroughly. I managed to give the details as to how they could expand their client base easier and not work as hard as they have been working.

Paid Speaking

One of the methods that have been the most effective for me is to over prepare for each speaking event. Become very familiar with the audience and organization and get to know what their purpose is. Lions Clubs support programs for sight; you might mention something about the program or collect used glasses for their program. The Rotary Clubs have many programs in the community and each club typically focuses on a specific project. Find out what their project is so you are well informed. The Kiwanis Clubs focus on boys homes and other local projects.
If you’re speaking at an organization, research them on the Internet and try to get background information so you will be well prepared. You might interview four to six key members of the group and find out what their challenges are. Be sure to provide your audience with specific benefits but always leave them wanting more.