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Speaking at K105.5

I love speaking! I love everything about it, which is truly strange since 20 years ago it was the last thing in the world I wanted to do! But over the years I have learned to not only look forward to speaking, but to embrace the entire spectrum of being a professional speaker.

I was asked to speak in Sacramento at the K101.5 live event that was to be broadcast over the radio simultaneously. There were two speakers before me each in the legal field and each one spouting the ill fate of legal mishaps. Of coursed they had not researched their audience so most of their presentation was lost on a group of solopreneurs.

The audience was the same mix of those I have been teaching for more than 20 years. They have been the backbone of the economy in the U.S. for the past 20 years.

One of my presentations is 7 Techniques to Thrive in Any Economy. It is what business owners need to adhere to in order to revitalize their profitability. When entrepreneurs follow these 7 Techniques  there is always more than enough business. The problem is everyone does the same thing as they have always done and with the changes in the economy, those things no longer can be counted upon.



Platform Speaking

One of the best venues for any speaker is to create a platform. The platform can be of many different styles.

My favorite platform is  to create an entire venue based around a theme. The theme could be based on entrepreneurs, Law of Attraction, Speaking, Sales, etc. But what makes it work is to involve at least six additional speakers to help with the promotions of the event and getting the seats in the seats.

One event I’ve been working on for quite some time is the 1 Day MBA. There are 15 speakers involved and it’s produced over two days. The undergraduate work of identifying the right attitude for being an entrepreneur and the second day is for improving the actual skills of business owners.

When speaking at an event where there are multiple speakers it takes the pressure off the individual speaker. The combination of attendees from each of the speaker’s contacts makes it possible for each of the speakers to expand their contact and client base.

The promotions of the event are shared among each of the speakers and that makes it possible to multiply the number who are exposed to the event as well.

It is actually one of my favorite speaking venues. I love the idea of gaining exposure to an audience who is made of up about 95% of individuals who I would not normally even have a chance to meet.