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Speaking in Australia

I’m wrapping up the year and looking forward to making 2012 a banner year for speaking.

I received a call from my friend Simon in Australia who is interested in collaborating on producing an event in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. He is launching a publishing company and it turns out my author program is a perfect fit for what he has in mind.

I’ve known Simon for more than 4 years and at best we have communicated about five or six times a year. We originally met on Facebook and moved our conversations to Skype about two years ago just before the earthquake at Queensland.

Now here it is four years after accepting Simon’s friend request on Facebook, a few conversations on Skype and now he’s booking me as a featured speaker in Australia in March to engage those who choose to be authors and want to be guided through the process.

He’s also added an event, SUMS, that will comprise about 14 speakers in two days to promote more productivity and consciousness of speakers of entrepreneurs.

This is what speakers dream of. Having a captive audience, prepaid to attend to hear how they can become an author.

Never second guess the connections you can make on Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace. There is a wealth of resources and connections out in the world and they are just one connection away.

Recording Presentations

I started using the Radio Shack Optimus cassette recorder, but no one uses cassettes any more. I found a way of converting the cassettes by using a device I picked up at Radio Shack, transfered the files into my PC and converted the audio to CDs.

A couple of years ago I heard about the Sony IC Recorder ICD-SX57 and I purchased one. It has a noise eliminator and transfer automatically into my PC when I plug in the USB adapter. It then converts to an MP3 automatically and I import it into the Sony Studio program, insert the tracks, the 15 second music intro and the end music.  I edit the content to make sure there aren’t any major pauses, excessive conversations or anything that might be distracting to the program.

If the program is too long to fit on on one CD I duplicate it and make a two CD set.

There are several services I have found when the quantity of the same CD exceed my capacity. Once you’re ready to order a thousand CDs at at time you can use a service which is NationWide Disc. You might find sources locally who will do smaller runs.

Just remember, every time you prepare a presentation, record it.

You can also record your own presentations on your computer with a headset.

Either way, there is no limit to the number of products you can create.