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Speaking in Sacramento

I met Patience Awazi in San Jose about 4 or 5 years ago when she was living in San Jose and I was speaking at the Work2Future event. She joined my Elite Leads Business Development organization and we have somehow always kept in touch even after she married Michael and moved to Sacramento.

There was a very small audience, but I have always believed it’s not the size of the audience but the quality of the audience. The people who attended were very interested in the Blogging for Dollars topic Patience had chosen.

It was a two-hour presentation and I had prepared a Power Point with screen shots to help everyone see actual examples of what they would need to know.

I had intended to show it on the hotel’s big screen television, but the adapter I had didn’t work. It is typical that you’ll have to be prepared since what you might expect isn’t always what will happen in the long run. So always plan to have a backup plan. I even go to the extent of printing out my Power Point just in case I can’t use the .

What made the presentation so unique was the level of questions from the audience. It made it a lot more fun and very interesting for everyone including myself.

Speaking to Authors

This week I’m speaking to a group of authors in Milpitas. I always strive to provide more content than anyone will ever expect.

Authors need to learn to get over their fear of speaking and get out into the community and start earning what they deserve.

Getting Speaking Engagements is a topic I have developed over the years and it teaches a simple formula to get everyone out and in front of their target audience.

I always suggest people start out by speaking at their local service organizations like the Rotary, Lions and Kiwanis groups. By the time you’ve been able to speak at more than 50 groups, you will be comfortable enough to speak anywhere with any type of audience.

While speaking at the service organizations, I recommend you record your presentations. If you’re pleased with the recording, edit the audio, add an music intro and tail, and you’ll have the material to burn a CD and now you have a product to sell at your next engagement.

Most authors truly believe their job is over when they’ve finished their books. But the truth is, that is when their job begins. Speaking is one of the easiest methods of increasing your income with the least amount of effort.