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The Joy of Speaking

I could never have imagined in 1992 when I first started speaking I would eventually come to love the process of speaking as much as I do. I look for every opportunity I can find to be in front of an audience.

There is a simplistic joy in having my words inspire or motivate someone. It is a true pleasure to find someone has been inspired by something I might have said. There is a an amazing energy that takes over when you are talking from a remote place within you and the words flow so automatically and purposely you are overjoyed hearing your own presentation.

I often have wondered what makes one presentation different from another? I question why some audiences are easier to draw out and get responses from. I search for the common denominator in creating a great presentation.

But I have never discovered what it might be.

I go to hear professional speakers as often as I can and I study their delivery techniques, their timing, their stance, the audience engagement, their humor and their patterns.

But I have never discovered what makes a good speaker special.

What I did discover is that no matter the size of the audience, which topic I speak on, what the make of the audience might be or how I’m feeling on that particular day, it all simply boils down to the sheer joy of speaking.

Topic Challenged

When I first started speaking I had no idea what I was going to speak about. I had just met Jim Robbins who is like the grandfather of all the incubators in the Bay Area and saw there was a major need to introduce the business community to this new resource of start-up businesses who needed every kind of assistance.

So I decided to start a presentation at the social organizations called “Incubators are not for Chickens”. The idea of starting a business in an incubator was created in Washington D.C. somewhere around 1990. I met Jim in 1992 and he had just started the first Bay Area entrepreneur at FMC after he was downsized.

Everyone, regardless of your business experience, when you are an entrepreneur, develops a level of success which others appreciate when it is shared. You never know how your experience might inspire another entrepreneur to become more effective in their business.

As the years progressed I added titles based on my experience and what others seemed to want to know.

Topic such as

  • Time Management
  • Speaking
  • Sales Techniques
  • Organizational Skills
  • Increasing Profitability
  • Balance in Business and Family
  • Funding Sources
  • Business Plans

There’s no limit to the type of topics you will be able to speak about. But it is always better if you have a passion about your topic. When you speak with passion, it is obvious in your presentation and people will respond to you with much greater frequency.