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I was invited to be part of the panel at the JV Alert event in San Diego by Ken McArthur. I felt honored to be included among speakers such as Mike Koenig, Adam Urbansky and other household names in the Internet Marketing arena.

The format was the attendees were encouraged to do a five minute pitch about their business. The panelist then voted on the presentation they believed to be the one they would be able to support.

The next day the person who received the most votes was able to do a 20 minute pitch to obtain more support and help in what they are going to do. We were able to offer feedback on their presentation and suggestions on potential additional resources they might use.

One of the results was I had someone approach me after the panel on the second day and asked if he could have my business card to pass on to a friend of his who had just finished his book.

What was I to say? The amazing thing is, his friend called me yesterday! We finally talked this morning and it looks like we will be able to work together.

Again, it starts with showing up!

Nurturing Speakers

I love encouraging others to speak in their business community.  It is the fastest method to become well known as an expert and establish their credibility.

Most business owners are willing to speak about their business, but when I ask them to speak for an hour, most will balk. It’s not that they can’t but it seems like a threatening task to do.

Since I was one of those who never wanted to speak but was encouraged by my mentor to just do it, I thoroughly understand the challenges people face and how to get them through the challenges.

I created a business course to teach entrepreneurs how to speak in their business community. It’s practical and easy enough for them to apply in a short period of time and when they do, their business escalates beyond their wildest imagination.

One of the examples is a member who was starting from scratch on a brand new business venture. When I told him speaking would escalate his level of success beyond anything else he could do, he just did it. In 18 months he went from zero income to $40,000 a month. He was hired as a platform speaker in London after speaking at a trade show in Canada and earned more than $80,000 for a one hour presentation. Every presentation he did lead to no less than two new clients and at least one new speaking engagement.

Whatever you are doing now for speaking, speaking in your business community is the easiest method for you to develop your credibility and add to your client base.