I am fortunate I had about 20 years in the printing industry and grew from the original typesetting equipment to the current computer systems. I began using PageMaker in the mid-80s and have upgraded each version as it was released. Others I know use Corel Draw even MS Word and many others but I’ve always been more comfortable with PageMaker.

In making the cover for the CD pagage (remember I use DVD cases because they appear to have more value because of the size of the package) I insert .jpgs and insert them into the file, create a color or gradient of a color background. I put the title of the program, my name and make a spine title. I always put my picture on the back cover with a short version of my bio, typically a testimonial and a short description of the program. I always include the appropriate website and contact information on the back of the jacket cover.

I create the CD label matching the cover of the jacket cover. When it’s a single CD I will generate a bullet point list of what they will learn while listening to the program.

I becomes a very neat package and looks very professional.

Again, the 2 CD set costs about 90 cents to produce and once the design is done, it is as simple as printing any document.