Your Right to Write

What does it take to become an author? Do you already have what it takes? Writing a book will give you more credibility as a speaker. It will give you a tool to generate income in multiple methods. Maybe you’ve even created some of the material, but you haven’t figured out how to put it together in a book format. Then once you do, how do you get the book out into the world? It is much easier than you might think. An Author can control their income by how much time they spend marketing their book. And then leveraging the book into better Keynote speeches and a multitude of additional gigs. Your Right to Write will guide you through a short six week process of writing a 200 page book in one hour a day; finding an editor to make it sharp; print from one to thousands of copies at your choice and market your book and speaking through 30+ easy to apply methods.


12 CD Set and Workbook Links Will be Emailed