About Face

The art of Physiognomy or interpreting faces goes back to Aristotle in 500 BC, but it was notarized by Judge Edward Jones around 1950 when he realized that the true innocent had specific facial features.

You can apply this technique to your new Social Media contacts, speaking audiences and potential clients and be able to establish a relationship rapidly. That will help you close more business more easier.

You will be able to look at anyone and know immediately how to talk with each person based on the shape of their eyes, nose, chin, forehead and eyes.

Imagine being able to tell how to structure your conversation with people when you first meet them to suit their ideal communications patterns. Should you talk fast or slow? Should you include lots of details or get to the point? Should you stand near them or at a distance? You will be able to eliminate their discomfort of talking with someone new immediately while ensuring your ability to build rapport quickly.

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