As a speaker, it is important to have testimonials both in written and video formats to make it easier for those who are looking to book you at their events. Here are a couple of examples for you. The are very easy to set up even using your cell phones video camera.

Doris Mangum – Author


Dear Sharyn,
Thank you for your presentation today at the Marysville One Stop.  I appreciate your honesty and straight forward delivery as you defined the difference between being “self employed” and a “business owner.”  You talked about once consulting with a private investigator like myself.  Like him, I have “worked hard” and found it difficult to see the forest for the trees.
I was touched how you interlaced the information with an acknowledgement that the true value of our toil is ultimately realized in the lessons we learned in our path through life. You have many gifts to share.


Richard Miller

Gold River Investigations PI22806Folsom, CA

Hi Sharyn,

I want to Thank You for sharing such inspiring and informative information. The feedback from the group was highly positive.

I hope that we can schedule you again in the future.  I started reading create your own realty and so far it’s great.

We appreciate all you do.

Shadia Schoen
Job Developer/Business Service Liaison
Ohlone College/Tri-Cities One Stop Centers

I would like to extend my appreciation to you for speaking at PATCA’s November 9th dinner meeting. We are grateful for the time and effort you spent in making your presentation on networking. As a presenter, we will keep your name and company website posted on our site for a year. We would also like to additionally promote you to our members who attended or were unable to attend the meeting by requesting your permission to post on our website your Elite Leads newsletter that was distributed or any information, websites or tools that could benefit our association of consultants.


Hi Sharyn –

I just wanted to thank you again for the workshop that you provided this morning – it was amazing!  I’ve been sharing ‘tid bits’ with people all day, both staff and clients.  You truly are an inspiration Sharyn, and the effect you have on people is immeasurable.  You motivate people in a way that very few people can – by pulling on their heart strings and challenging them to believe in themselves.  I could go on and on, as I shared with you this morning,  and still not give you your due praise  – but I can see in your eyes that your ‘success’ can be seen in the lives of the countless people you’ve helped – most of which you’ll never know.

Ty  Thompson
Employment Counselor
Marketing Unit