Speaking on Cruises

The first time I spoke on a cruise was a fluke. I was at a meeting when one of my clients asked if I could break away the next weekend to speak on a cruise from Miami through the Panama and back.

It took me about five seconds to compute what a wonderful opportunity this would be and the next thing I knew I was in Miami boarding the beautiful Princess Cruise boat for a 10 day all expenses paid vacation.

I racked up my cruise experiences on a regular bases. Although it is not allowed to create an income from the platform of the cruise, I developed private clients and the cruise lines eventually placed my books in their bookstores and even helped me sell the books when I spoke on the cruises.

You will learn how to develop a relationship with the cruise directors who can book you as often as you want to be on a cruise while developing a new list of potential clients. I believe you will be able to create beautiful experiences by speaking on cruises while managing to create new clients in the process, just like I have!


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