Titles That Sell

The first thing you’ll want to do is create five titles for your presentations. The titles should be enticing and define your expertise. What five areas are you interested enough to create a presentation? Most of my presentations are centered around business skills. Some of my titles are “7 Techniques to Thrive in Any Economy”, “About Face”, “The DeCoder Ring”, “Sailing Your Entrepreneurship”, “Strategy Outweighs Success” and “U, Inc.”.
The title should have action words, a result, words ending in “ing” nouns, repetitive letters or a numerical listing. You’ll find that a great number of business books have numerical titles.
Of course each of the talks overlap here and there, but the organizer picks the topic according to what they believe their audience would be most interested in hearing.
You want to create a bullet point list of at least ten items to mention during your presentation. When you incorporate your personal stories, the presentations are always unique to you. You should strive for having an audience reaction of sighs, laughter, stunned silence or create a question in their mind every thirty to sixty seconds.