Speaker’s Journal

Speaker's Journal
Speaker's Journal

When I started speaking in 1992 I tried to keep track of the various speaking appointments I had and what was unique about them. Remembering the contact information, the address of the event and any particulars that will help me recall the event for a repeat performance.

I have about twenty years worth of notes from speaking engagements and it has lead to repetitive engagements time and time again.

I make copious notes every time I speak including the size of the audience, the way the room was set up, specific comments about the presentation and even the audience reactions.

Just as often as not, it’s also makes for interesting writing material. Even though I have done the same presentations multiple times, I am still surprised by the reactions and the comments of those who attend my presentations.

When I look back through my journals, I feel a sense of accomplishment and always look for ideas on what they might inspire in the next presentations. I record almost all of my talks and listen to the recordings to see what worked and what didn’t.

I surprise myself occasionally because I’ll say something in a manner I hadn’t before and it will get a good reaction. I want to make sure I remember to say it the same way again.

You can use a journal to keep track of your speaking engagements too!