Your Image

When you are speaking, does the title of your presentation match your topic? Years ago I met an amazing woman who had five titles and only one topic. She told me that no one knew whether she had multiple presentations since they were rarely in attendance for more than one of her presentations. They never knew that she only had one presentation.
It is important to have a call to action. I attended a presentation where the speaker delivered a precise, informational presentation on social media. Not once did she encourage others to follow up with her to become a client. The closest she got to asking for business was to ask the audience to hold their questions and email them to her.
Many speakers have taken the offer to an obvious or predictable level. They will itemize their list of services and offer as much as a fifty percent discount if you were to sign up at this moment. In fact, only the first 25% of the audience will be offered this amazing offer. Everyone expects it, and it is very effective.
But, always remember to make an offer that is irresistible. It needs to have a time-sensitive component and engage your audience in such a way they know without a doubt they want and need to work with you.
Speakers need to be recognizable as being more than the normal individual. There is an obvious ego, personality and portrayal of someone who has something to say. You must, absolutely must stand out in the crowd of competition. Know what your competition is doing and what makes you different from what they are talking about. It will help you make a stand and keep your audience supportive of your message.