One Stop Shop

Give me an audience and I will find a topic for them! I truly believe that, but it wasn’t always the case!

I was introduced to Christie Dutcher through Patience Awazi who had been a member of my Elite Leads Business Development group in San Jose about four or five years ago.

Christie heads up the Yuba City One Stop Shop, a government agency which provides resources for entrepreneurs. She attended the event I provided for Patience last month and asked if I would be interested in creating a presentation for her business owners.

Of course I had to say yes. It is about a 4 hour drive from where I live and it meant staying overnight so we could be there by 8 am. That’s always been a challenge for me, speaking early in the morning, but I always manage to get through it.

This was a great opportunity because Christie gave me 3 hours to do the presentation. I was able to deliver a lot of content. It is one of my beliefs, give them as much content as possible, since I never know what will appeal to who or why.

I was able to cover the 7 Techniques for Thriving in Any Economy very thoroughly. I managed to give the details as to how they could expand their client base easier and not work as hard as they have been working.