Social Media Connections

About two months ago Gayle Gross had asked me to connect with her on LinkedIn. She has a website The 10 Day Book Club. She works with authors and helps them find resources to make it easier for them to be productive authors.

We talked originally about Gayle finding a sponsor who would sponsor my author program. I didn’t hear any more from her for about a month when one of my authors said she had told him that her clients get a discount just for being part of her network.

Then she contacted me on Skype and asked if I would be available to talk with her about doing a teleseminar. Of course I made myself available. She had one of her associates join in on the conversation and we talked about what I might be able to do for the teleseminar without over stepping what the offer.

We talked about 45 minutes and decided we’d produce two teleseminars at the end of the month and focus on the marketing aspects of the author program.

It was a lot of fun to talk with them and find we have a great collaborative connection and will hopefully have many more events we will be able to produce together.