Joy of Speaking

It won’t take long for the joy of speaking to break through the sense of fear. The first time you experience this joy, you may be surprised at how incredibly empowering it is to be able to command your audience’s attention and inspire them to take action based on your recommendations. They’ll seek your advice and want to acquire your business savvy.

The process of public speaking is the fastest method of gaining effective professional acceptance of any that I am aware. For example, based on national sales averages, you’ll convert one of 20 prospects into a client. If you speak in front of a group of 40 prospects, the odds are that you’ll net two to four new clients.

The process of speaking to these 40 people might take you two to three hours, including setting up the talk, speaking, getting there and back again. How long would it take you to dial 40 new prospects, play phone tag a few times, and then actually talk with them?

The fact is, people who hear you speak publicly are much more likely to be impressed and inclined to hear your message than any forty people you call individually!