Free to Fee

Most often you will be allowed a copy of the video of the event which you will be able to use on your website in your online media room. Remember to keep adding new video frequently, but keep the clips to less than five minute segments.

If there are particular events you might want to speak at, invite the event coordinator to attend one of your speaking engagements so they will get a first hand impression of your style and ability to engage your audience.

Be sure to ask every event coordinator for a testimonial. Video has the most impact, but you can record an audio testimonial through or Google’s Snagit.

One of the ways to increase your income at an event is to volunteer to conduct a breakout session. You can nearly double your compensation by participating in one of the educational programs.

In a word of caution, never ever speak on a topic or at an event you are not qualified to deliver. It will do more harm in the long run. When you focus on your area of expertise, it will create a positive impact.

I’ll typically recommend not speaking at events when the audience is outside of your comfort zone, but at least once a year I’ll speak at an engineering group just to keep myself on my toes.