Remember, more than half of your audience is going to be on your side, 25% of the audience will be swayed to be on your side by your content and personality. There are about 10-25% of every audience who will not be cooperative, have a grudge to settle with all speakers, believe they know more than you and should be the speaker instead of you or they might just be having a bad day.

When your talk is over, continue standing in one place and enjoy your applause. Don’t turn to leave the stage immediately. Look over the audience, smile, then sit down and relax while the meeting continues. Then you’ll be ready for the some of the best mixing and mingling you’ve ever seen.

This time you won’t have to worry about who you’ll approach. When you’re the speaker, they’ll always come to you!

Keynote description: A presentation of one discreet point proven with one story after another. The more time you have the more stories  you tell all proving the one point.