Whether you are speaking to a Lion’s, Rotary, Kiwani’s (often referred to as the animal circuit), association or any organization, it is your job as a speaker to be entertaining. It is a given you have to deliver an informational and educational presentation, often referred to as “edutainment” in the industry.

I spent a day with John Cantou the founder of the Holy City Zoon in San Francisco who gave Robin Williams and many well known comics their start. John asked me to tell him stories of how and where I grew up.

I told him about washing chicken eggs every Sunday, walking home a mile down the dirt road, holding a chicken by the feet so our family could have a good dinner. John thought it was hilarious as he did with several of my memories of growing up in a financially challenged household.

It was not funny to me since it was filed with emotions of being deprived. But after I got out of my own way long enough, it was truly funny. The image of a six year old holding a plucked chicken by the feet, as far away as possible, was silly.

Now you might be wondering how that converts to a worthwhile story for speaking at a corporate event. So did I.

John explained the level of work ethic I developed when I was six, influenced me in every job the rest of my life. The moral of the story in a corporate event is how it translates to engaging employees in a work ethic which serves the employers.