Back of the Room Sales

I am an advocate for speakers recording every presentation they do. I usually create new presentations and record and edit them into an hour long program. I typically have handouts or a speaking guide sheet for me to follow and I convert that to a .pdf. Then I burn two CDs and put them into a double DVD case which I get on eBay for about 25 cents each. I buy the CD glossy labels for $20 for 200 labels and 200 sheets of glossy photo paper for $20 for the CD cover. The CD’s cost $15 for 100 when they’re on sale, so the total cost of the 2-CD package is 95 cents. I sell the set for $20. I make $19 profit which is 30% more than I can make on a book.

I have created about 96 products I have made during the 18 years I’ve been speaking and no matter what the audience is, I generally have a product for them.

My average is one in 4 will buy a book, CD, ebook or program. When you are the speaker, people automatically assume you have to know your material and are an expert in your industry. The audience wants to do business with someone who has that level of knowledge. It makes selling much easier than any other process you can do.

The skill however, comes from knowing how to sell. When I’m speaking I typically hold up and refer to specific CD’s or books. Those are always the ones that sell. I make a point of reference they will be able to use from the material.

Once you have your material, you’ll never speak for free again!

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