Speaking Series

met with an event planner, Margie on Wednesday. She used to be the main event planner for a large non profit before she went out on her own last year.

I have wanted to produce an event call Your 1 Day MBA for over five years, but I need someone to manage the event. After a very short conversation, Margie agreed to work with me on the event! Hurray!

After we talked about the details and have decided what we need to do next and how we will plan it out, we moved on to talk about another idea I’ve had for more than five years which is a speakers series.

Margie got very excited about the idea. She’ll approach the 46 chambers of commerce in the Bay Area and offer a monthly educational program for the members of the chamber. They will decide on a price they feel comfortable charging for the event. The chamber and the speaker will keep 40% of the revenue each and Margie will retain 20% of the revenue. I also suggested the speaker share 50% of the revenue 50/50 on any back-of-the-room or after market sales such as training or class.

Even if only 20 people attend, it is a great revenue generator for everyone concerned. Team work is a great way to go! Everyone gains by working together and when you find someone who has the work ethic, there is no limit to what you can accomplish together.