Your Image

Your first impression is a lasting impression. The way you walk into a room, dress, stand sit, and the way you dress all creates an impression that has an impact on how people perceive who you are.
Even the materials you hand out make an impression and it’s up to you what you’re willing to project. Never, ever hand out materials that are less than first class. Do not make copies of copies or have materials that don’t match your website and business cards.
What does your voicemail message sound like? Is it enthusiastic, upbeat and inspiring? If you were to call your number would you be compelled to leave a message or hang up?
Does your website create a message that portrays your expertise?  Is your message loud and clear and do you update your site at regular intervals encouraging your visitors to return often? Have you put a capture box on your site to create a database? These strategies are required of speakers who expect to reach the pinnacle of their field.
When you go anywhere you might meet other professionals who might be in your sphere of influence, be sure you dress the part. There’s no reason to ever dress less than professionally. I always dress at least one step above what I believe others might dress. If most attendees at an event are dressed casually, I dress to the semi professional level.