Blog Class

I have done many blog classes throughout the past 18 months. I am so hooked on blogging and the results of the blog in getting me exposure in the business community and globally.

I started converting my websites in November 2009 and tracked to see what made the most difference to gain visibility and traffic. After converting 24 websites and adding a couple more, I finally discovered a fail safe formula.

Within a month, I can have any website in the top 5% of all websites in the world. And I love sharing what I have learned so everyone else can learn to do the same thing.

So do you think conducting a class is the same as a speaking engagement? I do! As long as I have an audience, I consider it a speaking engagement. When I am in front of a group, I feel like I am on stage whether it is a small group of 10, like I expect on Friday, or a group of 2,500 like I talked to on the first cruise I spoke on.

I give the same level of performance no matter how large or small the audience might be.

When you find a topic you are excited about, speaking becomes second nature and more fun than you can imagine.