Australia Speaking

I met Kali in Australia in November at the Braveheart Rise event and we started talking about producing an event in Australia in March.

It’s funny that it comes just a couple of weeks after committing to Simon to speak at 4 events in Australia in March as well. So a dream come true, speaking in Australia just expanded to five speaking events.

Kali’s event is going to be directed towards women who work in the corporate arena. She wants to inspire them to time out to take care of themselves.

So Kali’s event will be the end of March and ties in perfectly to Simon’s events throughout the rest of the month.

It is a perfect opportunity debut the NESTing program that I’ve designed to help reverse any negative emotion anyone has been through since the event is about nurturing women.

I hope to be able to complete a book on the topic before the trip begins in six weeks, although that is not as likely as I’d like to think. But it’s worth a shot.

I want to remind you that every contact you make can lead to a mega speaking event. You never know what each conversation might lead to and what each contact might generate.