Australia Gigs

The details for the Australia speaking are beginning to come together very nicely!

We’ll be starting out April 21st with Kali Daniels and Your Core Essence.

The event is designed to help women change from the inside out! Whether they want to feel less stress, shed previous trauma, generate more income or experience a complete makeover, they will find what they’re looking for at this event!

We’ll then move to Queensland where we’ll join Simon Treslyan for his SUMS event. It will be three days long and include more than 16 speakers.

This program will be targeting entrepreneurs who want to increase the revenue with less effort.

It will be like a mini MBA program and include all aspects of Social Media as well as traditional marketing programs.

Following up the next weekend, I’ll be presenting my full Blogify program to those who want to get a head start on their blogs. By the end of the full day training, they will be positioned to have their sites ranked in to top 1/10 of 1% of all websites in the world!

The next weekend I’ll be delivering my 50+ sessions of my author program also in Sydney. We’re looking for about 200 who want to become authors within 6 months.

We’ll be moving over to Melbourne the next weekend for another 3-day event.

The first day will be working with coaches to help them learn how to work with the authors who will be attending the author creation program along with them over the weekend.

We’ll also repeat the program in Sydney the following weekend and move closer to the airport so we can take off for London for our next gig!

Yes, indeed, London, England!