I was invited to be part of the panel at the JV Alert event in San Diego over the weekend and had a chance to meet amazing talented people who help others become more successful through their programs.

I was amazed at how open and generous every one was. Before noon on the first day I was offered a speaking engagement, a video recording session for my non profit and help to promote me as a speaker from a very successful promoter.

In the afternoon I met one of the speakers who has a program offering virtual assistance for people just like me who are too busy to do everything that needs to be done to keep my speaking business progressing.

Before the day way over I got to meet a friend from Australia I had been talking with for the past six months. Neither of us knew we were going to be at the same event.

That evening we had dinner with four other attendees and one of them offered to include me in a speaking event he has been planning for San Diego next spring. Another remembered me from an event we had met at in 2000.