Speaking Connections

I had left San Diego on Sunday and headed up to Irvine to attend Dustin Mathews and Dave Vanhoose’s event for 7 Figure Speaking Empire. There are about 90 people attending.

Yesterday I had a chance to sit down with a new contact who does Joint Venture connections. She immediately introduced me to Ken who is going to be doing a virtual author summit event in two weeks. It turned out he had just lost one of his speakers and after talking with me for about five minutes, offered to have me take the newly opened position. How could I not be excited about that?

It pays to show up! How many times speakers only show up if they are going to speak? But I have made the most amazing connections just by showing up the past week.

One of the other people I met and had a chance to talk with first in San Diego spent about an hour with me yesterday. After we had an opportunity to get to know each other she has offered to take me to the stage with some of the legendary speakers who she has nurtured their speaking careers.

I love how helpful people are. Their generosity is amazing and always surprises me!